September 25, 2022
Hilarious Movie Mental Madhilo on aha

Getting bored of watching the same old movies on your television? With the increase in digitization, you should go online to watch the latest movies. If you’re a movie lover, then search for the latest or good full movies online. For Telugu movie fans, you can switch to the best OTT platform for Telugu films that is the AHA app. It suggests movies based on action, romance, comedy, drama, and so on. One of the highly recommended hilarious movie by the app is:

Mental Madhilo

It is a romantic comedy movie based on the life of a confused boy who couldn’t decide anything. The movie was released on 24 November 2017 and made an excellent hit. The movie plot is written by the same person who directed the film, VivekArthreya. This was his directorial debut film. Raj Kandukari produces the movie under the production banner of Dharmapatha Creations. The movie starred Sree Vishnu as Aravind Krishna, NivethaPethuraj as Swetha, Amrutha Srinivasan as Renuka, Keshav Deepak Manu, KireetiDamaraju as Saki, and many more.

Vedaraman showed his exceptional talents through the cinematography of this film. The music of this film is composed by the well-known Telugu music composer Prashanth R Vihari. Going to the plot of the movie, it is about a simple boy and his decision-making abilities. Let’s check out in-depth.

In the movie, Aravind Krishna is a simple man with an inability to make decisions. He suffers from borderline personality disorder since childhood to face simple choices in life. Even if he chooses something, he yearns and later regrets the one he didn’t choose. At the age of 29, he gave up hope to find the right girl and get married. On his 13th attempt at match-making, he got comfortable being around a girl named Swetha, a complete contrast to Aravind.

Swetha is a straightforward girl who gets impressed by the simplicity of Aravind’s heart and agrees to marry him. They spent a few days together before the engagement and discovered a lot about their past, hobbies, passion and eventually started to like each other. Suddenly Aravind had to leave for Mumbai, where he had an urgent project to complete. He met a strange yet beautiful girl on his way to Mumbai who believes in destiny. She is an encouraging, cheerful, and unpredictable girl named Renuka. She is an architectural student who disappears after their journey to Mumbai.

The story takes a significant turn when both of them meet again with the belief in destiny. They become roommates and start to spend a lot of time together. With the feeling of infatuation, Aravind and Renuka kiss one night and later shares her past incident of the death of her boyfriend. Swetha finds out about both of them when she comes to Mumbai. She becomes angry and sad and leaves back to Hyderabad. Confused, Aravind loses both of them and faces the greatest challenge of his life. He struggles with deciding the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

What happened at the end? Whom does Aravind choose to be with? To know the story, watch the movie on the Aha app today. You can also watch similar Telugu movies on this platform in the comfort of your home.

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